Follow Up News over Mazda’s Rotary Engine Project


Mazda rotary engine

The rotary engine project that Mazda is rumoring to be working on has two previous updates: first, there was rumor that the development of the engine might be getting help by Audi; second, there was a doubt that Mazda would revive the rotary engine as they are trying to focus on hybrid powerplant.

So far, there has been any confirmation of official statement from the Japanese automaker about the rumor of rotary engine development until now. Mazda CEO Takashi Tamanouchi assured the anxious automotive enthusiasts that the company is developing on a new generation of engine. Well, he didn’t literally mention the rotary engine, instead, he referred to “a new generation of engine”.

Mazda decided that stop all the rumors about the rotary engine, they decided to make the announcement by using their Twitter with user account @Mazda_PR. One tip from us if you want to follow: prepare your Google Translate on the next tab because all the tweets are written in Japanese.

Mazda's Tweet over Rotary Engine

For now, you don’t need to open the Google Translate on the next tab because we have translated the tweet and it says: A lot of support to the RX-8 rotary engine, message, thank you very much! We are excited together. Mazda SKYACTIV said aims to achieve breakthrough technology is zealously developing new models with the next generation of rotary engine. Continued support thank you!”

Now, we have predicted two things: first – with the new rotary engine, Mazda might be working on the next generation of the RX-7 sportscar; second – there might a production version for Mazda Shinari concept because Mazda hinted that they probably making the production version of the sportscar if they have the new engine – rotary engine.

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