Unofficial Unveil for Nissan Juke-R


Nissan Juke-R concept

What you see is the live version of the currently working project of Nissan Juke-R. We believe so because the Japanese automaker said that they are currently working on snug the GT-R engine to the little Juke crossover. The almost impossible mission has been one of the most believable breakthroughs for Nissan because the Juke itself is not as attracting as the Japanese carmaker thought it would be.

The official unveils for the Nissan Juke-R has been scheduled at Tokyo Motor Show in January 2012. So, how in the world that the Juke-R sits nicely up there? Well, the first example of the Juke-R was brought on the Nissan Crossover media launch in Malaga – Spain. The Spain division of Nissan proudly said that the audiences were stunned by the Juke-R arrival.  Well-brought, right? We assume that Nissan wants to do some kind of public testing for the Juke-R and the audiences’ reactions were positive so far.

The idea of creating Nissan Juke-R is because the Japanese carmaker wants to have the world’s fastest compact crossover. And what would be better choice than to take the GT-R supercar engine and stuffed inside the Juke. There are 2 versions of Juke-R namely the left-hand drive and right-hand drive. The development of the Juke-R crossover is courtesy of Nissan, and right now, it is being built by leading motorsport outfit RML with the input from Nissan Technology Center for Europe (NTC-E). The testing for both versions of Nissan Juke-R crossover is scheduled in November.

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