Unveiling the 2011 Suzuki Q-Concept


2011 Suzuki Q-Concept

The orange look-like vehicle you see is the 2011 Suzuki Q-Concept which really leaves us speechless. We are speechless because we never thought that Suzuki is able to pull something like this. Another reason is, the Japanese carmaker’s R&D department has been invaded with Manga artists and then proposed this concept to the board members where they gave green light to build the concept.

One thing to describe the 2011 Suzuki Q-Concept is “futuristic”. If we compare this coupe concept with Nissan Cube, we prefer the 2011 Q-Concept because the design is much more appealing with the circle template and a compass look-like, while the Cube is just group of lines made by ruler on the paper. Suzuki translates the design of the Q-Concept as an electric car with a snail and soap bubbles.

2011 Suzuki Q-Concept interior

Okay, so the 2011 Suzuki Q-Concept is an electric car that looks like a snail with the weight as light as soap bubbles? For us, it’s like Spongebob Squarepants has invaded Suzuki’s headquarter. Anyway, the Japanese automaker has chosen the perfect venue to give the 2011Q-Concept electric vehicle its proper introductory at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

2011 Suzuki Q-Concept rear view

The 2011 Q-Concept electric car is to describe the future city car which length 2,500mm and wide 1,300mm. Suzuki assigns an electric motor with usual battery pack which should be enough to send this vehicle for a ride as far as 50 km (around 31 miles) with the top speed up to 60km/h (37 mph).

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